17 November 2013

Widening the Focus

This blog since 2010 has continued my practice of sharing personal adventures (often misadventures) and reflections, covering issues, events and readings not only personal but global in scope. My intent is not self-centeredness per se, but stems from a reluctance to preach or teach, or to consider myself an authority. I am simply inspired periodically to share my own journey and reflections in hope that these will further inspire and resonate, please and entertain. 

More recently I have shared some of the product and process of my writing life, notably the release of the novella Rendezvous in September 2013. Again the focus is personal but intended to share something of value to those who like to read, in this case fans of fiction with a twist, and and those intrigued with wilderness.

How does the content and focus so far sit with you? Would you prefer to see a shift of focus to certain areas of your concern? Topical news, information, links, photos, guest posts, how-to's, reviews? Send me an email, or post a comment here, and I can endeavor to make this blog yours as well as mine!


Technical note: As part of the ongoing outreach for this blog, I am registering with Technocrati and including the following code: ZK9CN63YAW94

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